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Concurrency Made Easy


Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer

Bertrand Meyer is professor of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich, Head of the Software Engineering Laboratory at Innopolis (Kazan, Russia), and Chief Architect at Eiffel Software, California.


PhD Students

Alexey Kolesnichenko

Alexey Kolesnichenko is a PhD student at the Chair of Software Engineering. He completed his Master's Degree in Computer Science at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. His current research interests are focused on topics related to concurrency: concurrent patterns, testing of concurrent programs, and automatic performance tuning.


Mischael Schill

Mischael Schill is a PhD student at the Chair of Software Engineering working on concurrency topics. He wrote his Master's thesis, for which he was awarded an ETH medal, in the same group. Before his Master's studies he worked for four years in industry.


Former Staff

Dr. Benjamin Morandi (Research Assistant)

Benjamin Morandi received a Master in Computer Science in 2009 and a PhD in 2015, both from ETH Zurich. His research interests include concurrent and distributed programming languages.


Chandrakana Nandi (Research Assistant)

Chandrakana Nandi was a research assistant at the Chair of Software Engineering from September 2014 to June 2015. She received a masters in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland in October 2014. Her masters thesis was on Contracts for Real-time, Safety Critical Systems.


Dr. Chris Poskitt (Postdoctoral Researcher)


Claudio Corrodi (Research Intern)


Dr. Đurica Nikolić (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Đurica Nikolić was a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Software Engineering. His research interest is software verification, and in particular abstract interpretation-based static analysis. In 2013 Đurica took a PhD in Computer Science at University of Verona, where he also took both Master's (2009) and Bachelor's (2007) degrees in Computer Science. During his PhD, Đurica worked on static analyses of Java and Android programs.


Dr. Georgiana Caltais (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Georgiana Caltais was a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH. She completed a joint Doctorate in Computer Science with Reykjavik University, Iceland, and Radboud University, The Netherlands. Previously, she was a research and teaching assistant at Al. I. Cuza University, Romania. Her current research interests mainly focus on concurrency theory.


Dr. Jiwon Shin (Senior Researcher)

Jiwon Shin was a senior researcher at the Chair of Software Engineering. Her main interests include software engineering for robotics, concurrency and robotics education, and robot perception. Jiwon holds DSc in robotics and MSc in computer science from ETH Zurich and BS in engineering and BA in computer science from Swarthmore College, USA.


Roman Schmocker (Research Engineer)

Dr. Scott West (Research Assistant)

Scott West obtained a PhD degree from ETH Zurich in 2014. He completed his Masters degree at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Wolfram Kahl. Scott's current research interests are focused on concurrency related topics, in particular the SCOOP model of concurrency and associated type-system. Additionally, he has a general interest in functional programming, and how it can be applied to concurrency.


Dr. Sebastian Nanz (Senior Researcher)

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